AS A payment provider, we continually deal with delicate financial transactions which require a secure IT-environment. Due to the rapidly changing face of internet technology, more and more possibilities are cropping up that may be abused with malicious intent.



The Themis development team is constantly developing new methods to prevent such abuse. We have cooperated with several companies to gather as many valuable data as possible to process into our fraud protection system.


Our developers have a wealth of experience, enabling them to utilise those valuable data in the creation of trustworthy applications.



Selling your products via an online shopping cart application is the most basic form of e-commerce.

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We can offer services in which we build on an existing shopping cart application, or we can build from the ground up.

We have already come up with numerous online sales solutions for our customers, guided them through
the process of working with the banks to obtain the necessary Merchant IDs required for online trading and integrated these solutions with secure payment providers.